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Baptism Dresses, Christening Gowns, LDS Temple Dresses & More

At Blessings and Baptisms, we wish to provide you with the best robes for your little miracle for any occasion. With christening gowns for girls, baby christening gowns, and LDS baptism dresses, we have something for every occasion. We believe that every child is a blessing and strive to treat them as such. You don’t need just a baptism dress for girls when celebrating your little girl’s special day, but when you bring your child to that moment, purity and innocence represented by the gowns are part of the ceremony. Here at Blessings and Baptisms, we want to bring you our passion for the blessings that are our children and the baptisms, blessing days and christenings that we have to help honor these special religious milestones. Our beautiful clothing can be used for holidays and weddings as well. Blessings and Baptisms knows every child in this world to be a miracle and takes joy in remembering that with family and friends whatever the occasion may be. With a large selection of beautiful baptismal and christening gowns and LDS blessing dresses, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for to celebrate your family’s special day.

Blessing and Baptisms also carries gifts for those special occasions, including jewelry, personalized gifts and Willow Tree figurines. An amazing array of emotions and tender moments are expressed in all of the willow tree figures we have available. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for you or for your loved one.

C925 Buttercup. Sterling_Silver_Newborn_Bracelet
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Coriander.jpg Bishop_Cotton_Slip_copy Stripes.
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