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I started "Avonlea Bridal" back in 1999 as a little side business while teaching school.  I loved how this new adventure made it so that I was able to contribute to our family and do this with my two little boys at my side.  My husband's job required him to travel a lot and I hated having to do daycare for my boys.  When the events around September 11, 2001 came about I decided I had had enough of worrying about my husband being on the road and at airports while I left my kids in the care of someone else.  I decided to quit teaching at the end of that school year and focus on my business.  Later on two additional miracles came into our family.  The bridal business has evolved into attire for children, so here I am.  Again, with two little people needing my care and a desire to work with them by my side.  Thank heaven's for my older boys that are now teenagers and are my built in help!  Maybe at a later date I will share the miracle stories behind how our children came to our family.  Between adoptions and pregnancies later in life it makes for an amazing story.  My husband and I are very blessed!  There is nothing I love more than being a Mom to these wonderful kids. I hope you find what you are looking for here at "Blessings and Baptisms", if not send me an e-mail at: or call me at 435.787.4599 and I will help you find it!  I look forward to future friendships, thank you for stopping by. -Melinda